Tummy Tuck in Iran

After a certain extent, the saggy skin on the stomach becomes a real problem that is impossible to tighten on your own. Hard and long workouts are not solely enough to remove the stubborn fat or to tighten the abdomen at all. Tummy tuck operation provides an effective and permanent solution for the removal of unwanted stomach fat together with the saggy skin. You only need to follow these steps:

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  3. Get a free personalized treatment plan and quote.

What is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Abdominoplasty, often also known as tummy tuck, is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to flatten the stomach and tighten the muscles underneath abdomen by removing the unwanted fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen areas. The aim of this operation is to reform and reshape the sagging and loose areas of abdomen.

Tummy tuck operation is not used as a way of losing weight or treatment of obesity. However,nearly in all cases, abdominoplasty is the standard operation after a heavy weight loss after a

bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) such as gastric sleeve. It is because such weight loss surgeries makes the patient lose weight so fast that the body cannot keep up with the transformation and the excess skin creates a saggy look on the stomach.

Tummy tuck operation can be done in two methods, either full or mini (modified) tummy tuck can be performed depending on the circumstances and needs of the patient.

Not only women but also men undergo tummy tuck operation to have an enhanced tummy shape. The results of the operation can be permanent unless there is a dramatic weight loss after the Surgery.

How is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Performed?

Basically, tummy tuck surgery aims to reshape the abdomen area of the body by removing the excess skin, stretch the remaining skin and stitch accordingly. The ideal result after abdominoplasty is a flat stomach with tightened muscles.

The operation can be explained in two steps:

1. Incision

For a full tummy tuck, generally the incision is made from hip to hip (which could be hidden by underwear), across the lower abdomen.

The second incision can be made around the belly button to remove unwanted skin around it and to re-position the belly button.

For a mini tummy tuck, the incisions are minor compared to the full tummy tuck.

2. Removal of the excess fat & Stretching the skin

After the incisions, excess fat and skin are removed. Then stretched muscles are gathered together and stitched. Finally, the remaining skin is pulled down and your belly button is re-positioned accordingly.

Also there are two types of abdominoplasty surgery:

1. Mini Abdominoplasty Iran:

Mini Abdominoplasty is also known as Mini Tummy Tuck is used to remove the saggy skin and fat tissues that are located in the lower abdominal area (under the belly button).

Mini abdominoplasty does not involve treating diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) which can be caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

Benefits of the mini tummy tuck include shorter procedure time, quick recovery and smaller incision when compared to a full tummy tuck.

Mini Abdominoplasty in Iran is offered by TRAVELTEB experienced surgeons with fantastic results in an accredited hospital. Patients are advised to stay in Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad…. for their mini tummy tuck in Iran for 7 nights.

2. Full Abdominoplasty Iran:

Full Abdominoplasty is also known as Full Tummy Tuck mainly focuses on the abdominal muscles. These muscles can lose their natural shape due do to a split that is caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

A full abdominoplasty will elevate the entire abdominal skin, repair the abdominal muscles and will usually reposition your belly button.

A full tummy tuck in Iran can be advised by TRAVELTEB surgeons combined with liposuction to get the optimal results and body sculpting if needed. (Read more about liposuction and tummy tuck as combined surgery)

Full Abdominoplasty in Iran is offered by TRAVELTEB highly experienced plastic surgeons that guarantee patients satisfaction. Patients wishing to undergo full tummy tuck in Iran are advised to stay for at least 8 nights in Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….

Tummy Tuck in Iran;  Who is the Right Candidate for Tummy Tuck in Iran?

 If you are complaining about:

  • The deformation on the abdomen area as a result of heavy weight loss or pregnancy.
  • The excess skin sagging on your stomach.
  • Unable to get in shape due to the excess skin.
  • Hygienic problems due to the excess skin.

You are the right candidate for tummy tuck surgery if you want to:

  • Have increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Feel more fit and attractive.
  • Have more motive to keep a y diet.
  • Have more motive for physical exercise.
  • Feel satisfied with the size and proportion of your tummy.
  • Feel confident to wear your favorite bikini.
  • Have a wider choice for clothing.  · Not hide your tummy anymore

Tummy Tuck in Iran with TRAVELTEB

TRAVELTEB knows that high quality with affordable prices is essential to ensure

customer satisfaction. Since patient satisfaction is the key aim for TRAVELTEB, we

provide full abdominoplasty in Iran and mini-abdominoplasty in Iran with the mosttalented tummy tuck surgeons in top accredited hospitals.

The package for tummy tuck in Iran by TRAVELTEB is all-inclusive. The packages

cover 4-5 star hotel accommodation for 7 nights, 1-night hospitalization for a mini

tummy tuck and 2 nights hospitalization for a full tummy tuck,Getting visa, airport

transfer, the transfer between hotel and hospital with a private chauffeur, 24/7 supportby the patient host while the patient is in Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….. The after-care is vital for all plastic surgery operations. When the patients go back to their own country, TRAVELTEB customer experience specialist follow the patient regularly to make sure that after-care instructions applied properly and the healing period is going well.


 Abdominoplasty Iran and Mini

 Abdominoplasty Iran Offers You:

  • Specialized cosmetic surgeons in full and mini tummy tuck.
  • Internationally accredited hospitals.
  • Minimum and almost invisible scars.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Award-winning customer service.
  • All-inclusive package for the patient including Visa,hotel, transfer, patient host and excellent after-care.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Iran

In United Kingdom and Europe, tummy tuck costs between £4500 and £6000. This is only for the surgery, though. When the consultation and aftercare costs are included, the prices go up about £500 – £1000 more.

The tummy tuck cost in Iran is cheaper due to the low labour cost and operational fee compared to Europe. The quality is the same and because of the low labour cost, the plastic surgeons in Iran have the chance to perform more surgeries and gain more experience with different cases from all around the world.

The average price of tummy tuck in Iran is 2800 USD, the minimum price is 2500 USD, and the maximum price is 3000 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the result last?

Results of tummy tuck could be life-long unless you gain weight and keep your body fit.

For how long do I need to wear a corset?

These instructions about post-surgery care will be given to you by your tummy tuck surgeon.Usually, the corset is advised to be worn for 6 weeks after the abdominoplasty.

I also have some scar marks due to childbirth; can I get rid of these scars via tummy tuck surgery?

Yes. Tummy tuck in Iran will be helpful to remove unwanted scar marks.

I am not sure if I need to have full or mini

tummy tuck, how can I decide?

You do not need to make a decision about it. Your tummy tuck surgeon at TRAVELTEB will advise you the most suitable type by considering the amount of excess fat on your abdomen.

Am I going to have visible scars after tummy tuck surgery?

Thanks to advanced technology that TRAVELTEB tummy tuck surgeons use, incision lines, generally through bikini line, will be easy to hide after the operation. Also, the scars fade away some time after abdominoplasty.

I am pregnant, can I still have tummy tuck in Iran?

No, you cannot. Tummy tuck in Iran cannot be performed even if there is a small chance of pregnancy. You may consider having abdominoplasty after childbirth.

I am a man, can I have tummy tuck in Iran?

Tummy tuck in Iran offers a solution to sagging and loose abdomen regardless of gender. Men, as well as women, can have tummy tuck in Iran.

When will I see the results of tummy tuck?

You will start seeing the results as soon as your scars heal and swelling is gone.

What age should I be to have tummy tuck?

Age is not important, if you are over 18, then you can have it.

Am I a good candidate for tummy tuck?

If you are in good both physically and emotionally, you can have a tummy tuck. For women, if there is a chance of pregnancy, we advise them to have a tummy tuck after pregnancy because after pregnancy your skin may get saggy again.

Can I have liposuction and tummy tuck in Iran at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you are thinking of having both liposuction and tummy tuck in Iran, it is advised to have both at the same time to avoid getting anesthetics for two times.

Operation:Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
Operation Goal:To remove the excess skin, stretch and tighten the skin on the stomach and reshape the abdomen
Operation Time:2 – 5 hours (Full Tummy Tuck) / 2 – 3 hours (Mini Tummy Tuck)
Type of Anesthesia:General
Side Effects:Temporary bruising and numbness on the abdominal skin
Risk:Infection, bleeding, fluid accumulation  

Tummy Tuck in Iran: Itinerary

Arrival Day

. A warm welcome from TRAVELTEB : Welcome to Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….! You will be welcomed at the airport. You are either taken to your 5-star hotel or to the hospital for your consultation depending on your arrival time.

Day 1

. Say hello to your surgeon: You will have an in-person consultation with your surgeon before your surgery. You will have a chance to discuss your tummy tuck in detail and your surgeon will inform you about the details of your operation.

  • Consent is everything: You will sign a consent form.
  • Medical tests for your well-being: Your surgeon will perform medical tests such as blood test before the abdominoplasty surgery.
  • Yes, it is now time for ‘the big thing’: You will undergo your tummy tuck operation which usually takes around 2 to 5 hours for full tummy tuck and 2 to 3 hours for mini tummy tuck.
  • It is over! Now excitement kicks in! Initial check-ups: Your surgeon will do the initial check-ups when you regain your consciousness after anesthesia.
  • Enjoy your stay at a top-quality hospital: You will spend the night at our internationally accredited,high-quality contracted hospital.

Day 2

  • Hospital Stay: You will spend your second day at the hospital as well. Your surgeon will visit you and watch the progression of your recovery.

Day 3

  • See your lovely surgeon again: You will have your second check-up before you are discharged from the hospital. Your surgeon will explain you about post-op care in detail.
  • Say bye to the hospital: If everything is on track and your surgeon gives a green light (which is usually the case), you will be discharged from the hospital.
  • Private transfer, why not?: You will be transferred from the hospital to the hotel via a private car and private chauffeur.
  • A 5-star comfort: Now it is time to enjoy your hotel stay.

Day 4

  • Who does not like lazy days in bed?: You are advised to rest and relax and not to do any physical activities that may tire you.

Day 5

  • ‘Should I stay or should I go?’: You can either continue enjoying the comfort of your hotel or go out and do some sightseeing to enjoy Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….,!

Day 6

  • Final check-up before the ‘goodbye’: You will meet your surgeon again for your final check-up. They will remove your stitches and drainage. You will also be informed about your post-op care in detail.
  • Private transfer to the airport: Just enjoy the last ride in Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….!
  • Ready to take-off?: You are flying back home with your new look and hopefully with great experience at TRAVELTEB in Tehran,Shiraz,Mashhad….. We will miss you! Hope you had an unforgettable journey with us!

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