• Infertility

    Your safety and peace of mind is our priority. We use the safest and most advanced therapeutic tools available to help make your dreams come true. Infertility Infertility is a problem that many couples currently face. On average, 1 out of every 7 couples seeking children suffer from infertility. When couples decide to have a […]

  • Eyebrow implantation

    The importance of how eyebrow implantation is done. Eyebrow implantation is a very delicate and artistic procedure where eyebrows are designed specifically for each individual. The angle of hair growth in an eyebrow is very important. The direction of implantation should be well aligned so that the eyebrows don’t grow irregularly or perpendicular to the […]

  • Facelift in Iran

    We offer patients a top-notch service experience and treatment by qualified doctors and internationally accredited hospitals in Iran. Facelift in Iran Every woman is beautiful and every man is handsome, no matter the age. But thanks to facelift, you can always have a youthful look on your face. With TRAVELTEB Health, everybody has the chance […]

  • What is the relationship between art and dentistry?

    The relationship between art and medicine may be more apparent in some medical specialties such as in plastic surgery or ENT (ear, nose and throat), where if we were to take a closer look at when a physician is suturing a patient’s hand, all his effort is focused on helping the patient’s skin return to […]

  • What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

    A rhinoplasty surgery, better known as a nose job or nose reshaping, is a procedure done to correct and reshape the appearance of your nose. Why should I choose Travelteb? You’ll save up to 70% on your treatment Cost and Time with us and there are absolutely no hidden costs. For one price you will […]

  • Hair Transplantation

    Causes of hair loss and the procedure of hair transplantation One of the best ways to increase attractiveness and beauty has always been to have a dense hair distribution. Many people suffer from hair loss for different reasons and are dissatisfied with the state they are in. This problem can be solved by transplanting natural […]