Eyebrow implantation

The importance of how eyebrow implantation is done. Eyebrow implantation is a very delicate and artistic procedure where eyebrows are designed specifically for each individual. The angle of hair growth in an eyebrow is very important. The direction of implantation should be well aligned so that the eyebrows don’t grow irregularly or perpendicular to the skin. The angle and direction of hair growth in the eyebrow is divided into 3 parts ( the crown, body and tail). For this reason, this procedure requires a high degree of precision and experience.

The advantages of eyebrow implantation

Natural eyebrow implantation provides the highest levels of satisfaction amongst individuals and saves both time and money. Most important of all, the person’s self confidence and peace of mind increases because of their satisfaction of how their face looks like.

Natural eyebrow implantation is suitable for whom?

Natural eyebrow implantation is a risk-free procedure for people that have lost their eyebrows for different kinds of reasons such as fractures, burns, scars or any other previous injury.

Advice for people that have used other methods before:

People that have used methods such as tattooing, micro-pigmentation, or micro-blading can pick the frame of the eyebrow to be in such a way so that all of the underlying area is covered. So if you don’t like the design of your eyebrow tattoo and want to change how it looks, we recommend that you first get an eyebrow implantation and then proceed to remove your tattoo with the methods available.

This is because laser and peeler methods used to remove the eyebrow injures the skin of that area requires several months to fully recover and requires several consecutive sessions and thus eyebrow implantation is unwillingly delayed.

The method of eyebrow implantation

In most cases eyebrow implantation is performed using the FUT method. In this method, a narrow band of hair from the individual’s hair bank (the back of their head) is extracted and the site of extraction is then sutured. After the process of separation and cutting of the skin under the microscope is done, the hairs are separated into hair follicles and are then implanted one by one in the planned eyebrow frame After 2 weeks, the sutures in the back of the head are removed and the site of incision fully recovers with no scars left behind.

Duration of the procedure

Eyebrow implantation is an outpatient procedure that is performed under local anesthetic and is completed in one session. Thus, there is no need for hospital admission. This procedure usually requires 5 to 6 hours. The person can design his own eyebrow model and the procedure is performed according to that design.

We try to do our best to keep you at comfort and peace of mind while you are in our company. Breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks, are served in the VIP room.

Eyebrow loss after implantation

Primary eyebrow loss is normal because, the same as in hair implantation in the head region, hair grafts in the eyebrow region start to fall during the few weeks after implantation.

Most of the hairs implanted start to grow in the second and third month and the normal form of the eyebrow progressively starts to become more apparent with time.

Successful eyebrow implantation

What’s important in a successful implanting of an eyebrow is high density and appropriate alignment of the hairs implanted.

The process of eyebrow implantation

Eyebrow implantation is done using the person’s own natural hair which leads to it giving off a completely natural appearance. The pattern of eyebrow implantation differs according to the person’s preferences and also their face form and age that is identified by a dermatologist, and the procedure is then done under local anesthetic.

Eyebrow implantation is an effective way for eyebrow replacement or making up for small areas of eyebrow loss caused by excess eyebrow hair removal, effects of previous injuries, or matters of genetic background. The hairs implanted have the capability to grow and can be trimmed and dyed.

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